Available Now: AN UNFOLDING OF PHYSIS (DeathNex004)


The writings of the individuals surrounding the mythos of the O.N.A. are indivisible from the required syllabus of any would-be practitioner of the Sinister-Numinous Tradition. It is important especially in the faculty to apply exegesis to outside sources, in an attempt to purloin genuine wisdom from experience, and insight from the naturally multifarious shades of the world surrounding. While no allegations are made in any way to conflate the identities of relevant voices regarding the culture of the O.N.A. and its many layers of labyrintian influence, including those voices which prefigure it, author Beldam focuses intensely on the writings of David Myatt and the Numinous Way, so-seeking in the relevant despite periphery, yet undoubtedly influential realm.

Deathwave Nexion has long held the private belief that independent of any accusatory relationship to this or that esoteric order, the writings of David Myatt hold collegiate levels of scholastic merit, and unfortunately, due to some opinions surrounding “who may be who,” that such value has been either willfully ignored or sadly overlooked. Whichever the case, the individual elected for such a duty by perhaps Wyrd itself has proven its veracity in the identity of Beldam, a student of the Rounwytha Tradition, which bares a curious reflexion to that of the Numinous Way.

In order to explore these subjects in-depth, Beldam opens chapter upon chapter of analyses covering such topics as Myatt, The Numinous Way, the Rounwytha, and most importantly, where these movements and these philosophies are directing himself, and perhaps humanity also, as such convergent principles integrate into a returning physis.

Description from Amazon:

“This volume applies a rigorous exegesis to the writings of David Myatt by a real practitioner of the Sinister-Numinous Tradition. Given higher credibility than the average scholar with respect to first-hand experience, Beldam separates function from mythos, and wisdom from mystification in this highly anticipated omnibus. Complete with an individuated analysis of ritual application also serving as a grimoire, this volume is a non-negotiable addition to the library of any person so seeking the hard reality of the Order of Nine Angles.”

Introduction written by Von Sanngetall

Edited by Erica Frevel

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VVinter Harvest, the Prince and the Pit.


The year so-called Two-Thousand and Eighteen, Anno Domini, has marked the beginning of rampage upon rampage, to the disruption of the effusions of the White Lodge, and particularly those pathetic, whimpering cries emenating from the gutless stink of our own pretenders. That is, the brotherly, the stagnant and the outmoded, inferior program. Still these words fail to strike true, as inferior doubles if not triples in meaning as the culripts of inborn nasary give each other up to the interrogation ruse. The Seigneur Voland has brought us ripe, red meat to share therein and truly break bread with the dukes of edom, fallen below the black earth. This year will see MAJOR changes to Deathwave Nexion, which have begun with a new Director and a new Editor. Therefore let us make clear what we have been saying for years now:


At present we have three items upcoming:

“An Unfolding of Physis” by Beldam available 1/19/18.

NAMELESS THEREIN full length CD release date to be announced.

TEMPEL OV BLOOD sigil, verticle flag 3×5
release date to be announced.

NIIGHT- Triumph of Satanic Beliefs (DeathNex000)


Black Noise / Death Industrial / Power Electronics/ Harsh Noise classic release from 2003 EH is now available via Deathwave Nexion. Free Steaming and download for $5. Don’t miss out on this classic release.

THE BLACK LODGE: Discussion Group


Join the fastest growing Left Hand Path discussion group. All are welcome, come and go as you please. Generally speaking, there are no limits as per discussion topics. Moderation is deliberately kept to a minimum.

Our dictum has always been: INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.



CHORONZON is the official Journal of Martinet Press, now in its third edition. Under the Editorship of Erica Frevel, this volume presents as usual, the collected offensives from the vanguard of the Left Hand Path.

This volume features a poetic submission of the title “Star Coffin,” by Deathwave Nexion staffer and leader of Temple of Night, Vamapalah.

According to its author, “Star Coffin” is to be treated as exclusive esoteric literature from Temple of Night, written specifically for CHORONZON Journal, to which its printed form through CHORONZON will be its only accessible production release, ever . It is to be treated as part of the Temple of Night’s literature, taken from the private grimoire of Vamapalah. Therefore it would be in everyone’s best interest who is desiring to own this group’s collected works in its entirety to purchase a copy of CHORONZON III, for without “Star Coffin,” your TON catalog is incomplete.

Follow the link to order your copy of CHORONZON III:

The Black Lodge


It is a current of darkness eternal, maintained neither by human hands nor by human perameters. You cannot join or leave, only exemplify. There is no human leader, no human authority, only the existence of undiluted devildom. Groups exist inside of it, and perhaps are recognized as influential voices, exemplary in manner, but do not comprise the totality nor delineate boundaries of which only the force of evil can extend or recede. That is Evil, without limits.

It is an outer order, of independent readership, and an overarching impetus which guides the groups that it has impelled to gather within it. It is the kingdom of fire here on earth, and the legions of the damned in the beyond.

We did not create it, nor discover it, nor can we destroy or manipulate it. For, what the Black Lodge is, is abundantly clear to everyone who clearly belongs to it.

Are you in the Black Lodge?

11 Questions


You describe your organization as a “Nexion”. Can you specify what that terms means, both conceptually and practically?

A nexion is a term primarily used in the Sinister, Left Hand Path, Satanic underground to denote the merging of worlds, this – ours which everyone is familiar with, and that- of the beyond, to which the presencing of darkness can be made real. It describes a gate that is opened, and this gate can exist in many forms.

As a nexion, we use our business to place into hands literature which transforms the individual from human to that which is beyond. We open our channels to anyone who will afford a monetary compensation deliniated by us. We provide manuals that instruct in terms of Black Magick, Satanic Devotion and Wamphyric Alchemy.


The music, art, and literature you release is all very diverse. What are the general criteria you look for before you agree to release something?

An artist is selected (culled) because they are doing something with their work that is in line with our agenda. Though it may not always be immediately clear. This is part of the dimensional puzzle. Some figure it out, others don’t.

Our outputs are works of Magick: real and existing stores of which through engagement creates an evolution into something powerful and perhaps dangerous, depending on where you stand.


Apart from your business ventures, what types of activities do Deathwave Nexion engage in?

Our activities are none of your concern.

What is to be made public is that we endeavor to open the realms of night and see the sun forever darken. To forever seal in blood our devotion to the Dark Gods and to turn the world upside-down and expose this realm to the Abyss.


You’ve decidedly espoused “Sinister Satanism”, which has a much more dire slant to it than other forms of Satanic practice. What would you say differentiates your views from those of other, more widely-recognized Satanic movements?

Satanism which is Sinister cuts through the light show and discards theatrics unless it serves a function, for instance, manipulation. All to say, what you see is quite real, if not immediately evident and unless explicitly stated (ie: art, fiction).

We hold a policy that endeavors to unite through integration, unique and new mixtures of esoteric diabolism. Whereas most people are interested in adherence to a form, a school and a master, we encourage our personnel to bloviate their enthusiasm for their interests in that their closeness to the Dark One might be made more personal, more subjective and defiant in individuation.

We affirm Evil, in the conventionally understood sense. This is the basis of all our perseverations. Therefore, we produce and encourage genuine Satanic Adepthood.


Other groups that espouse this kind of extreme Satanism have been tied to Far Right, National Socialist politics. However, you seem to have no problem utilizing Communist ideals and imagery to achieve your ends. Can you explain where Deathwave Nexions stands when it comes to these types of extreme politics?

Deathwave Nexion exists to serve Lucifer. There is no political agenda. There are instances where an agent of a Sinister Order, perhaps allied with or part of our own will use politics to nefariously forward our aims or theirs.


How connected are you to the Order of Nine Angles?

It is clear that we have seen in our genesis an admirable and emulative relationship flower with the literature of the O.N.A. With that said, we are our own group, which belongs to a greater organization. Perhaps somewhere along this grid, the O.N.A. can be pinpointed, but perhaps not.


Any other Temple of organization affiliations?

We are strongly allied with Martinet Press, the Temple of Night and the Tempel ov Blood.


Can you explain your views on the role of violence in society?

Violence is a large factor of change. As an activating agent of evolution, it is natural and necessary to see the waves of violence open and grow among the present Aeon, which is on its last legs.


What types of people are the members of Deathwave Nexion?

Unsafe. Our ideal candidate is someone who has seen the depths of darkness made real, and who through their own efforts have created order through the harsh biotics of terror.


What are the far-reaching political or religious goals you hope to achieve with Deathwave Nexion?

Hellfire and Damnation. For the Prince of Darkness to walk the earth again, and to bring it to its knees, at HIS feet. What we can hope for is a beacon of pure and absolute darkness: a Satanic Imperium. A scenario controlled, calculated and regulated by us, not them, and a continued and continuing fulfillment of Nightmare Politics to control the masses, upon whose backs we will ride to the stars to begin again.


Is there a message you’d like to send out to the true believers out there?

Embrace Evil.



“You’re free to speculate as you wish about the philosophical and allegorical meaning of the film—and such speculation is one indication that it has succeeded in gripping the audience at a deep level—but I don’t want to spell out a verbal road map for 2001 that every viewer will feel obligated to pursue or else fear he’s missed the point.”

-Stanley Kubrick, Playboy Magazine

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