A Candor Mysterii


“For some of us, such practical experience was acquired before involvement with our esoteric Way; for others, such learning resulted from using and applying one of our Dark Arts, such as an Insight Role. Given that our base was and mostly still is in the Isles of Briton, perhaps the majority of this experience relates to events in these lands. From the protest movements of the 1960’s, to ‘the troubles’, to the social unrest of the 70’s and 80’s, to recent conflicts involving the alleged ‘clash of cultures’ between Islam and the West, there is a wide variety of experience. In addition, we have the mostly aurally related experiences and learning of several individuals – drawn to us decades ago and now no longer with us in the causal realm – whose pathei-mathos derived from major conflicts such as that commonly known as the Second World War, and which experiences of that conflict were of those who fought on both sides, allied and axis.”

via O9A Adversarial Action


Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification


-via WYRDSISTER, Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification



HAZELGATE is a Sinister fiction that spans the genres of folk, cosmic and esoteric horror. Penned by BELDAM of “An Unfolding of Physis” fame, the novel will see printing from DEATHWAVE NEXION in both the original French as well as English translation. Editorship and Translation will be handled by Laurent UnVolk, known in the occult community as the Modern Master of the Macabre. More details will follow in the coming months. Expect nothing but the thick, viscous dripping of dark presencing. A torch to Lucifer and the gods of the outer spaces, with another tome of legendary intimation.


Serpent Ov Old

SERPENT OV OLD is scheduled for future release in both CD and Cassette formats on DEATHWAVE NEXION. SERPENT OV OLD releases are available for purchase immediately via their bandcamp page.

SERPENT OV OLD is the musical ideation of M.W.S. Hailed as the most successful merging of the Black Metal and Power Metal genres, SERPENT OV OLD brings along with its proficiency also an atmosphere and impetus of Satanic, Occult Evil. Given the title “Unorthodox Black Metal,” lyrical themes explore wyrd, unnatural results of demonic evocation, broken pacts and Devil worship.  Ever restoring the authenticity to the supernatural reality of the Left Hand Path, SERPENT OV OLD serves as viceregent of Lucifer in musical form, channeled with the uncanny consequences of the dark faith, of demonic sacrifice and of unholy vocation.

M.W.S. sends his darkest hails to the true walkers of the Devil’s path and invites a new generation to partake in an old manner of magickal expression.




The Amesbury Incident


Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform

“After all, who is the leader most reminiscent of the forthright men of Greece and Rome, of the European Renaissance? Vladimir Putin, law graduate, former military officer, and Judo expert, who brought order to Russia after the chaos that followed the fall of the Soviet Union? Or the draft-dodging, vain, pompous, irrational, vulgarian with tinted false hair?”

-WYRDSISTER via The Amesbury Incident

DEATH METAL UNDERGROUND features DWN artists RVBICON in latest article.


Whispers of the Kábeiroi



The Anti-Patriarchal O9A


-via WYRDSISTER, The Anti-Patriarchal O9A

Osi and The Jupiter


OSI AND THE JUPITER Complete recording and reveal album title

Recently, after Sean Deth had written and recorded his parts of the new Osi and the Jupiter songs, Kakophonix (also known of Hvile I Kaos) finished his astonishing cello-work for the album.

The enthralling previous album ‘Uthuling Hyl’, released in 2017, has been lauded and described as a haunting, hypnotic and an intensely moving experience of modern pagan folk music. The title of the upcoming album is ‘Nordlige Rúnaskog’ and will definitely be another captivating and emotional journey through the nebulous realms of the Old Gods.

More news will follow. In the meantime, follow Osi and the Jupiter…

– Eisenwald Records

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