NAMELESS THEREIN – “Hex Haruspex” (DeathNex006) will be available for purchase by next week.

The CD is priced at $10 USD plus shipping.

You can purchase the album from Deathwave Nexion, or you can procure a copy from the artist, if you are privileged enough to possess their bonds of kindred.

NAMELESS THEREIN delivers a masterful blend of Neoclassical and Dark Ambient music, in a mixion that is so powerful, it forces extradimensional experiences within the unsuspecting listener.

Across FIFTY-SIX tracks of ensorrowed, gothic and forlorn emotion, NAMELESS THEREIN restores a long-lost attitude to professional music that is beautiful and also disturbing.

Artwork used with permission by Richard Moult, the multi-talented English artisan who is also a practitioner of a close, kindred-genre of music for those familiar with his works.

While the thematic that becomes most everpresent in “Hex Haruspex” is the Order of Nine Angles, it must be noted that the particular language of presentation is one that points toward that of a Numinous, Hermetic, Hidden Physis. NAMELESS THEREIN has a perseveration placed upon the finer, occult and mysterious aspects of the Dark Tradition, as they summon an experience, and one that is multifarious in its uncanny design.

Deathwave Nexion is beyond proud to be gifted with the opportunity to work with an artist of such arête of character.

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